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Oil shale development has historically been a cyclic industry with booms and busts. The boom of the late 1970's and 1980's when oil prices were increasing but became a bust as oil prices declined starting in 1986, a trend that continues through to the present. However, there are still active oil shale projects. The newest is the Suncor Energy "Stuart Project". The Stuart Oil Shale Project is a $250 million demonstration plant that is being constructed near the town of Gladstone in the state of Queensland, Australia.

The project will test the viability of a Canadian technology to extract oil from Australia's vast oil shale deposits. Go to Suncor's website for more information, photographs, and how this project is progressing.

Articles on Oil Shale

A collection of papers related to Oil Shale.

This section being compiled by retired USGS, Colorado Utah and Wyoming geological societies, and retired oil shale workers from throughout the world.

Volunteers needed to work on "History Module of USA Oil Shale Development, A Story of a Resource Posed for Development".

Volunteers needed to work on "History Module of Oil Shale Development in the Balkins and MidEast"

Volunteers needed to work on "History Module of Oil Shale Development in Brazil"

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