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With the downsizing, right sizing, mergers within the energy industry, significant expertise has been retired or laid-off. Many of these individuals were those who contributed to developing the resources and processes that are providing the energy and products that we enjoy today. The Centre attempts to provide our members with the opportunity to analyze the advances that many of these individuals have created when they formed their own small companies. The Centre screens and provides forums for these companies to present their products and services to members, or for members to present their products, services and technologies to other members. The Centre thus acts as facilitator to provide technologies that can impact our members bottom line.

If you have questions or problems, ICHH hosts a forum with some contacts for solution providers. Details of the questions and solutions are presented in the Members Only section.

  1. Do you have mountains of vacuum bottoms? Are they growing and increasing your liability? There is a new process to convert these to usable products. Members get to preview the technology and have meetings with the developers.

  2. Does your refinery scheme achieve good separation of asphaltenes? Are you achieving maximum value from your deasphalter? There are experts who can analyze your refinery configuration and increase your revenue from asphalts while improving the feed quality to downstream units.